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in Zug Collecting, Issue 1, 2010

Theoretically speaking, there may be such a thing as a happy tsunami. Let’s say that a cargo ship full of toys like pigs and zebras and so on falls over. In this case, the tidal wave starts out in the open sea, making the cargo ship keel over despite its size. The toys spill out and are carried swiftly by the waves toward the shore. Although the ship has rolled over, it does not sink. The rescue unit reaches the crew in time and tips the ship back upright. The insurance company will pay for the lost cargo. But there is no need to feel sorry for them. They have more than enough income and the tsunami will not cause destruction on the shore. Spotting the large waves, the surfers go out and fish out all the zebras, pigs and other stuff from the water. So this is a happy tsunami!

It happened around that time. He introduced himself as Al(i) Majira. He smattered words in nearly all languages, shaping them very slowly. Even though we never understood exactly what he was saying, it sounded funny. There was a rich boy with us, Gábor, who used to egg him on by putting a glass in front of him which he filled with cherry palinka. Ali pushed his fingers in the glass, making the booze brim over. The only time we could meet him was in the evening, because he worked during the day (at least that’s what he said). It couldn’t have been blue-collar labour, because he had perfect hands. If G. pulled the same trick a few times during the evening, after the third glass or so Ali sprang onto the table and launched into one of his explanations. He wasn’t upset about the alcohol or the joke.He jumped at the opportunity when, unable to tolerate the stench clinging to the table, we looked at him. Most of the time, he was trying to explain the sabotage plan to dislocate the axis of the Moon. This was inspired by the idea that if you could change the tide system – even in a small section of the sea – it could interfere with the Moon’s axis. He believed that the tide was controlled by the Moon alone, and since the two planets are so closely connected, whatever happens here on Earth will have a direct impact on the Moon. He kept repeating that all you had to do was squeeze the water out from a smaller sea, which would change the axis of the Moon. To make sure we understood, he rammed his fingers into the glass.

Miss O could not decide whether to believe in reincarnation. Although she preferred to be neither rationalistic nor esoteric, she had to make a decision. She had strange dreams at that time and in the circles she moved in, reincarnation was a very popular topic. They were talking about inner selves spanning eons and things like that.

With all the practical chores to be done – a new car, a lot of deliveries, material handling – O did not have a lot of time. Money was also a problem. For days, she was agonizing over whether to use the car and pay for the parking, or to get a monthly ticket and take the bus instead.?The monthly ticket didn't come cheap; neither did parking, for that matter. And there were all those things that needed to be hauled around.?The invoices were all so complicated, and everyone seemed to demand more payment than she could afford. One of the opinion leaders in her circle warned her in an authoritative tone: "You need to do something about this whole thing (meaning her time-travelling personality).?The longer you put it off, the more difficult it's going to get." So in the end, she decided to get a monthly ticket. After all, public transportation is more environmentally friendly and also cheaper.